Thursday, 13 December 2018

Last week of 2018

We have had a fantastic final week of the year in Room 14.

It all began with our picnic to Willowbank park on Monday.
A special thanks to all the parents who came and supported us.
On Wednesday we had a super fun day.
Firstly, we enjoyed a Christmas themed music session with Jannah.
Then we made some delicious fruit kebabs to share for our healthy food picnic.

On Thursday we had so much fun participating in our 'Water Fun Day'.  Even the teachers had a blast.
We would like to say a huge thank you to all the whānau of Room 14 for all your support this year.
A huge thank you to our amazing students for all your hard work and great attitudes to learning.  You are all SUPER STARS!
Have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season.
From Room 14, 2018.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Term 4, Week 8

It has been a wonderful week in Room 14.
We have had lots of exciting and creative activities happening.
Early in the week, we designed and created our 'Fancy Feet' for the annual Tawa School book character parade.
On Wednesday the children enjoyed sharing their 'Fancy Feet' with the rest of the school.

Another Room 14 tradition is Christmas candle holder bottles.
We began working on these this week.  
This will be ready to be taken home and gifted to families next week.
On Tuesday Tawa School was visited by 'Pack the Bus' from the Wellington City Mission.  We were blown away but the generosity and support of our Tawa families.
Thanks everyone for your contributions.

On Wednesday, Room 14 were very lucky to have Captain Cash (from ASB Get Wise) come into class to teach us about money. We learnt about the importance of saving our money, ways to earn money (chores), how to be responsible with our money (safe places to keep it). The last thing we learnt about was the difference between things we need and things we want (how it is important to use money on things we need first before things that we want.
During investigation time on Thursday, the students built robot courses using wooden blocks. They then used a Dash robot connected to an ipad and tried to navigate through the course without touching the sides. The students were amazing at taking turns and encouraging each other.
This week we learnt a brand new game in the hall. It is called 'The Paper, Scissors, Rock, Hoop' game. Students are split into two teams and have to bounce through the hoops until they meet an opponent. They then play a game of 'Paper, Scissors, Rock'. The winner carries on and the other player joins the back of their line. The aim of the game is to get into the opponents last hope to score a point for your team.
On Friday we used our fine motor skills to ice and decorate some yummy Christmas cookies.  We have some wonderful bakers and decorators in Room 14.

PMP continues to be a favourite part of our week.
On Friday, the wonderful Rachel set up a special Christmas themed obstacle course for us to follow.
Thanks Rachel and other volunteers for all your hard work with PMP this year.  We hope to have you back again in 2019.